The seller has the right to refuse to pay the shipping fee for the returned parcel if the buyer returns the product for buyer’s own reasons, such as the buyer subsequently considers the price is too high, the product is not what the buyer expected despite that it conforms to the product descriptions.
Toy machine is relatively delicate and more likely to incur damage during the transportation. The buyer may request return or replacement but should pay the shipping expenses for return buyer is responsible for the shipping fee for the returned goods and replacing parts.
Before you use the model aircraft, please read the instructions.  At first use, we suggest that the buyer does not push the throttle too hard.  The buyer is advised to practicing to control the throttle before playing the model aircraft with the direction. There will be a lot of fun with playing the model aircraft but please keep in mind that it is delicate as well.
Telecontrolled model toys are all fragile, and as such are easily broken.   Please read and follow the operating instructions to prevent damage to your toy.  Please understand that we won’t be responsible for damage created by improper use.
In many cases the damage is caused by improper operations. If you have followed the instructions, and the aircraft still doesn’t work, please contact us immediately and stop any unsafe operations.
For model aircraft flight simulation products, the buyer should learn and understand how to install, test and use products.  Some software may be required to be downloaded in order to complete installation.  Buyer should not choose to request free return because you do not know how to use the products.